Unsere Empfehlung - Olivenöl No. 2 aus dem Hause ArteFakt

Gunther und Klaus Di Giovanna

this is how it happened - Oliveoil No. 2

Our recommendation - Olive Oil No. 2 from ArteFakt

A very fine olive oil from the beautiful still almost untouched southwest of Sicily.

Producers are the winegrowers Gunther and Klaus Di Giovanna in beautiful Sambuca Di Sicilia.

Their grandfather was the first in Sambuca in the Agrigento region who plant a vineyard. 

At the time, everyone wondered about something like that, but their father nevertheless continued it as a sideline and his sons broke off their successful professional activities early on in order to be able to devote themselves entirely to the art of winemaking. 

Today, their region is one of the most important wine-growing areas in Sicily and both export their wines all over the world. Germany, the USA and Japan are among their main customers.

Traditionally, in addition to growing wine, they have continued to cultivate the family's olive groves and produce olive oil. 

At ArteFakt, they initially thought that because of their knowledge of wine, it would be easy to win them over to ArteFakt's new way of looking at the olive. To look at the olive as a fruit from which an aromatic olive oil is extracted. 

As modern and technically advanced as they were in the production of their wines, they were at first very adamant in their adherence to the way they had been producing olive oil for generations, which was as ripe and buttery as possible. 

With the Biancolilla and the Nocellara del Belice, they have two aromatically very fine-fruity autochthonous olive varieties, which have always been planted mixed on the groves, which is why ArteFakt calls their olive oil a "planted cuvee".

It was only when they switched to a more accessible olive miller, who allowed ArteFakt to use their own method of extraction in his mill, that Gunther and Klaus then also discovered the wealth of aromas and flavourful individuality that can result from their olives with their own process control. Now they had also arrived at all their terroir standards for their olives, which they have long been bringing to bear on their grapes and wines. 

For several years now, their olive oil has also received top marks; it is a fine-aromatic olive oil for which the attribute "elegant" can also be added. 

It is versatile and goes exceptionally well with seafood and steamed white fish, as well as with fine and light leaf salads.

It enhances the flavours of ripe tomatoes and predominantly fine vegetables such as sugar snap peas, peas, young carrots, courgettes and yellow and red peppers. 

Good to know: There are deep Arabic traces in Sicilian cuisine, so the olive oil also works well with mint, figs, chickpeas and star anise.



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